Doba Afolabi

Growing up with the music of Afrobeat, influences of the genre on my works sometimes come obvious. The most popular works of the late Afrobeat maestro sometimes reflect on my pieces and the canvas like “Shakara” is a vivid example. So are my subjects on pyramid and history of the Nile which his emphasis on Egypt spurred me to research. “Diva Aperture” as a metaphor of the ornamentation of African queen which he would sing as “Lady” and several more.

According to one of his famous lines, “……..No touch me oh, …… who you be self…… she wan do, …… na “Shakara”….. meaning the beautiful ones don’t “give in easy”, even when they want you, they still bluff . All these emotions and drama can be seen in the body movement and face of the gorgeous muse, “Shakara”

48.5 x 93
Acrylic on Canvas

Benin’s Watching
36 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

Diva Aperture
76 x 59
Acrylic on Canvas

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