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AfriKin presents a vast array of opportunities to promote your brand. Your brand’s sponsorship provides the opportunity to place your brand among influencers, investors, celebrities, and early brand adopters. Your brand will achieve its business goals by expanding your product reach through brand activation among AfriKin patrons who share an interest in the future of our global community.

AfriKin is pleased to present a selection of opportunities for your sponsorship consideration. Each sponsorship level is designed to offer unique benefits for your brand and will reinforce your commitment to advancing the ingenuity and promise of humanity.

We’re happy to customize benefits to ensure that your company’s advertising needs are met!

In-kind donations are accepted and tiered to the sponsor level equated to the monetary value of products submitted. For YOUR BRAND’s in-kind donation you will receive:

* Two tickets to AfriKin

* Recognition as a Friend of AfriKin

*Minimum in-kind donation value to be considered for on-site activation of YOUR BRAND is $5,000.00.
As a Sponsor:

* You will have rights to the Afrikin mark and logo in pre-approved advertising, marketing, and packaging. You will also have permission to activate co-branded promotions using the Afrikin logo (subject to approval and at your expense).

* YOUR BRAND name and/or logo will be included in the promotional invitation and press materials with your respective sponsorship level.

* Multilingual networks on radio and television will be utilized to expose your brand.

* YOUR BRAND will reach its target market through our cohesive and effective marketing and PR campaign. Our efforts will include but are not limited to: SMS mobile platforms, social networks, street promotions, and radio. We place a great emphasis on driving online traffic through website optimization, email blasts, paid banners, e-releases, and Google Adword buys that lead web surfers to

* Ad agencies and their clients will benefit from sponsoring Afrikin through social media marketing integration, traditional media exposure, networking, sales and strong PR efforts. With innovative and cost-effective migration, Afrikin yields result far greater than your investment.

* Your cash sponsorship will be directly used for event costs, which include but are not limited to: Production, promotion, hotel and transportation, talent, venue fees, and other related expenses. Custom proposals available.

You can download our sponsorship proposal that details the vision and logistics of Afrikin, with findings that will clearly have a great impact on your company’s business strategy. We hope that you’ll be as excited as we are to bring Afrikin to its fullest potential.

We look forward to discussing our collaboration further.

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– Team Legendary