Delphine Diallo

Digital AI Exhibit – KUSH (Not For Sale)

In her Kush collection for AfriKin Art 2023, Delphine Diallo transcends traditional photography, ushering in an avant-garde era where AI and mixed media converge to redefine portraiture. Diallo’s technique is as layered as the spiritual and mythological dimensions she evokes; it is an alchemy of digital and analogue photography, AI enhancements, and tactile elements like drawings and found imagery. These are not mere photographs, but narrative-rich tapestries that blend lucid dreams and reality into a cohesive visual language.

Diallo’s work is avant-garde because it dismantles and reconstructs the concept of image-making, infusing it with an activism that challenges the viewer to reconsider historical narratives and the representation of black women. Her subjects are not just depicted; they are enshrined within new legends crafted through her expansive toolkit. This technique gives life to a visual pantheon where her subjects gaze back with an integrity that is both ancient and futuristic. By weaving together martial arts discipline, non-western literature, and a deep investigation into spirituality and science, Diallo’s images become an invitation to envision a matriarchal utopia, echoing her desire for a world that fully embraces inclusivity and transcends borders. In this way, Delphine Diallo’s Kush collection stands as a pioneering frontier of storytelling, technique, and ideological challenge.

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