The 2024 AfriKin Art Fair Call To Artists

Dear Artists,

We are thrilled to announce the call for submissions for the 2024 AfriKin Art Fair, themed “Threads of Life in Fragments of Time,” set to take place from December 1st to 8th during Miami Art Week at Maison AfriKin, Scott Galvin Community Center, North Miami, FL. This year, we aim to explore the intricate tapestry of existence that connects us all, transcending time and space through the universal language of the arts.

  • Is your artwork unique?

  • Is it a great fit for AfriKin Art Fair on the occasion of Art Basel and Miami Art Week 2024?

  • Is a cutting-edge contemporary African arts organization to partner with what you’re looking for? 

  • Look no further; this is an invitation for artists to submit their work.

Apply by sending us an email to brooks@afrikin.org with “Artist Submission” in the subject line. 

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The Premier - Benjamin Quarcoopome

AfriKin New York Times Cover

As Seen in The New York Times

AfriKin Art Fair

Miami’s Contemporary Africana Art Fair

The new face of African contemporary art – fusing tradition and innovation at the next frontier of art

Miami Art Week – Dec. 1st – 8th, 2024

Maison AfriKin,

1600 NE 126th Street, North Miami, FL 33181

Based on 23 reviews
philippe dodard
philippe dodard
It was an amazing sharing expérience with great Artists and art lovers!
Karim Williams
Karim Williams
One of, if not the most well organized art show I’ve come across. You don’t simply feel like you are attending, you feel as if you are a PART OF!
george alexander
george alexander
Extraordinary and Excitingly beautiful...art @ itz best #picturethatyall
Leah Gayle
Leah Gayle
Such an inspiring and wonderful event and space. The array of art showcased are truly one of a kind. Definitely one of the things I look forward to during Art Basel!
Femi Omere
Femi Omere
What I love about Afrikin and its offspring African is its effortless normalization of just what is. The abundant, holistic wealth that emanates from the communities of Global Africa is breathtaking, period. And that collective force is indelible, regardless of the fragmentations that appear to be real, but which deep down are rather shallow. Afrikin and those of its ilk shine a simple light on a stunning reality of truth, one that beams far and wide, calling us into acceptance with its rays, and in turn, energizing us into regenerative action. We salute Afrikin for what it is doing on a global scale, which is born out of substance and love.
Chlochlo K.
Chlochlo K.
It's so beautiful and it is a great source of inspiration😍


Showcasing a plethora of international artists, designers, performers, and scholars, AfriKin Art aims to illustrate the influence of ancient Africa on various visual, literary and performing artists and how Africa’s influence promises to democratize the art world. This group show explores our interconnectedness as familiar strangers.  seeks to redefine notions of beauty and assign greater value to the brilliance of Global Africa.


AfriKin cultivates positive activism through the arts, it is not only inclusive but diversified. Our creative expressions are the foundation of our liberation–art saves lives. The aim of AfriKin Art is to stimulate conversations among those committed to finding solutions for underserved communities, and those eager to acquire knowledge on how to aid others and willing to extend their help. This exhibition seeks to acknowledge and raise awareness about our interdependent world and the essential role of art and technology in it. AfriKin works as a bridge connecting Continental Africa and the Diaspora, emphasizing that our commonalities outweigh our differences.

AfriKin Art, while an art fair, is fundamentally a celebration of the fusion of art, technology, and society. It encourages strategic partnerships and sustainable collaborations within the cultural industry, leading us all on a journey of discovery through art history and the next frontier of Art and AI.

This group show is more than a display of art; it is an engaging narrative of progress, a testament to resilience, and a demonstration of the power of convergence. It’s about recognizing the strength in our diversity and the remarkable potential that lies at the intersection of art, technology, and social change.

Through AfriKin Art, we aspire to create a space that resonates with hope, inspires action, and encourages a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of the blend of AI and African art. The AfriKin Art Fair is a testament to the compelling visual symphony that African fine art represents.


AfriKin practices utilizing art and cultural experiences for interconnection and the creation of sustainable ecosystems. As a curator of global content, AfriKin fuses fine art and cultural programming for civic and community engagement.

The future of AfriKin is the creation of an interconnected platform that integrates global art forms with AfriKin becoming the hub for what is “next” in African and Black art.

AfriKin promotes and celebrates the culture, history and artistic expression of Global Africa’s communities. To achieve this, we have implemented a variety of visual and performance arts programs that have had a profound impact on the communities we serve.

Through our “Artist in Residence” program, local artists are given the opportunity to create and showcase their work in the community. The program has been a great success, as it has given local artists an outlet to express themselves and has also provided a platform for the community to come together and appreciate the work of their local artists.

In addition, we have hosted a variety of events and workshops for the community. These events and workshops are designed to bring the community together and to foster a sense of pride, unity and understanding. For example, the “AfriKin Art” events, brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore the connections of Global Africa’s cultures through the arts.

Never mistake the map for the territory. –– Our creative expressions are the foundation of our liberation!



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