Bayunga Kalieuka

A Congolese born narrative painter, curator, and mural artist, Bayunga Kalieuka grew up in Miami (USA), where he worked as an artist before moving to other US cities, all the while variably travelling to DRC. His work focuses on themes of social realism, investigating society through the prismatic lenses of economic ecosystems, race and cultural identity. Having painted numerous large murals as a way to engage with contemporary history and local society in the USA, Kalieuka also worked as a curator and producer of art exhibitions. His compositions are technically influenced by various painters, photographers, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and philosophers alike. Among them are Palmer Hayden, Moké, Tupac Shakur, Claude Brown, Franco Luambo, Lucian Freud, Romare Bearden and Eric Monte.

IF they come
Oil on canvas.
72 x 48

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