Celebrate Labor Day Sunday with a culinary adventure! “A Taste of AfriKin” offers a unique experience, highlighting the rich diversity of African cuisine and its global influence. Join us for an evening of flavors from Africa, the Caribbean, and the African American community, celebrating our culinary heritage and its impact on the world.

A Taste of AfriKin” is a comprehensive sensory experience that showcases the vibrant culinary talent within the Black community. The event brings together the best of African, Caribbean, and African American cooking, featuring dishes from countries like Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and several Caribbean nations, including Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, and Haiti, along with soul food from the United States.


  1. Culinary Exhibition: A diverse array of traditional and fusion African dishes.
  2. Expert Talks: Engaging insights from history, sociology, and cultural studies professionals.
  3. Cultural Performances: A blend of music and art to enrich the culinary journey.
  4. Local Business Showcase: A platform for black-owned food and beverage enterprises.

This event aims to strengthen community bonds, celebrate Black heritage, and educate about the rich traditions of African cuisine. It’s a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Black community.


  1. Culinary Diversity: A unique mix of cuisines from across Global Africa.
  2. Community Focus: Featuring local black-owned businesses. Creating a platform for economic growth and networking within the community.
  3. Educational Value: The event will delve into the historical evolution of African diaspora cuisine, connecting food with its cultural, social, and historical roots.
  4. Media Recognition: Building on AfriKin’s established reputation.

Our goal is to dispel myths about African cuisine being primitive or unsophisticated. We aim to highlight the contributions of Global Africa and its influence on global culinary culture, showcasing how Black cuisine has been a cornerstone in shaping global food traditions. This event will also serve as an educational platform, shedding light on the historical, cultural, and social influences that have shaped culinary practices

A Taste of AfriKin Banner


A Taste of AfriKin is more than just an event – it’s a movement towards celebrating and understanding the depth of African culinary heritage. As a partner, you’ll contribute to a dialogue about heritage, community, and the unifying power of food. Be part of this landmark event in North Miami and help shape a legacy of culinary excellence and cultural pride.

Councilman Scott Galvin of District 1 in North Miami remarked, “A Taste of AfriKin aligns seamlessly with our ‘Celebrate West Africa’ festivities, and I am honored to sponsor this event. It promises to be an enthralling fusion of culinary delights and soulful experiences, further establishing North Miami as a key hub for the celebration of Black cultural heritage.”

Founder Alfonso Brooks said: “A Taste of AfriKin is more than just a celebration; it’s a pivotal opportunity to redefine the narrative surrounding African culinary heritage and its profound influence on global cuisine. We invite you to join this groundbreaking event, not merely as participants, but as partners in nurturing a more inclusive and culturally rich community. Together, let’s celebrate and elevate the richness of African flavors and traditions.”

A Taste of AfriKin promises to be a mouthwatering and soul-stirring experience. Join us in this gastronomic celebration of Black heritage and contribute to a legacy of culinary excellence and cultural pride.

Sunday, September 1st, 2024 | 5 pm

Maison AfriKin

Scott Galvin Community Center,

1600 NE 126th Street, North Miami