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Perla Sofia Gonzalez Marinel.lo was born in Havana, Cuba. Since she was a kid, she had a very strong relationship with art. As an architect with a major in Urban Planning, and as an educator, she has practiced her career for a long time in Cuba, Spain, Brazil and USA. After retiring from the City of Miami Planning Department, she has finally achieved her long term dream of creating art full time. Writing, painting, doing photography, and (as a genuine Gemini) communicating her message, is her passion. Perla has a very active artistic performance. She is a Signature Member of Miami Watercolor Society, and a member of Florida and Gold Coast Watercolor Societies. Her art pieces have been shown at innumerable judged shows, and she has received multiple awards. Her book “El Enigma Cotidiano” with a selection of her poems and paintings was recently published.


If my art work makes you feel any emotion at first sight, and if it somehow remains within your daily life, I will be grateful. My goal is to be an active channel of life in all its manifestations, from macro to micro scales. As above, so below. As below, so above. My challenge is translating the Universe into art, and sharing it with you.



Ancestral cultures, such as the Native American people, have a great respect to nature, and their whole existence flows through the four elements: air, water, fire and earth. With the influence of this sacred knowledge that has determined my art, I have created this Installation. It includes four pen and ink pieces that reflect those four elements, oriented to the four directions, North, South, East and West. The central piece, connected to the Great Spirit, depicts the “turtle island”, as Natives call the United States where they live. The DNA of the Universe itself surrounds it. Many ancestral symbols and special beings can be seen all over the installation, as an instrument for the observer to go deeper into the meaning of each of its parts. The spiral insinuated on its base tries to resemble the intangibility of time, perhaps, why not? a potential fifth element.


HUMAN PUZZLE. Installation

All human beings are interconnected. Our cells are built the same way as those of the furthest particle in the Universe.

Each one of the characters represented in this Installation are also interconnected, independently of race, gender, social extraction, level of knowledge, religion or place of origin.

Their cells are as interchangeable as the pieces of this never ending human puzzle, which could continue growing infinitely as multiplying cells, equally connected with its vital environment: the four elements, represented by the ancestral alchemical symbols: Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

The observer is also connected with the creator, and with everyone in this city, in this country, continent, planet, galaxy, and universe. 

This Installation is meant to be interactive, as visitants should feel free to interact with this puzzle by moving its pieces as they wish, while meditating on the marvelous diversity where each of us is a small but essential piece.

The Four Elements

Mix Media
36 x 36


Human Puzzle
Mix Media
30 x 44

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