Ines-Noor Chaqroun

Ines-Noor CHAQROUN is a Moroccan visual artist based between Berlin and Casablanca.

As a painter that enjoys melting different kind of technics, her artistic process remains centered on the materials used. She is totally dedicated to them.

INC considers having a dialogue with her canvas and colors. For her, those static icons have feelings that need hands to help them being materialized.

As she softly stated it, “My body and soul are only tools that I put at the service of those inanimate “objects” to help them express themselves. At the same time they give me the chance to externalize my deepest chimeras ….”.

Ines-Noor’s artworks are commited to emotions, aimed by the externalization of deep sensations and free course to her unconscious creatures.

A spiritual artistic and cultural ride that stays with the wind.

Oil painting and acrylic spray
on canvas
150 X 120 cm

Oil painting and acrylic spray
on canvas
120 X 150 cm

Oil painting, gesso and acrylic
on canvas
150 x 120 cm

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