Celebrating the Beauty and Brilliance of Global Africa

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Seekers of Intellectual and Aesthetic Enlightenment,

Welcome to the zenith of contemporary Africana artistry—the 2023 AfriKin Art Fair. It stands as a dynamic and progressive platform, serving as a radiant beacon to illuminate Miami Art Week with a new face of African art in the West. Prepare for a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary and champions the exquisite beauty and brilliance of Global Africa through the AfriKin Art Fair and its associated public programming. AfriKin Art Fair is where history, tradition, and technology converge at the junction of art and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nestled in the heart of North Miami’s multicultural hub, AfriKin Art Fair pays tribute to the enduring legacy of Africa and its influence, which extends worldwide. AfriKin Art Fair is drawn from visionary ideals around “Global Africa”—a tapestry interwoven with timeless values from the Continent and expressions of Contemporary Art.

Africa’s vast wealth in culture, resources, and sheer value plays a pivotal role on the world stage. With 30% of the world’s mineral reserves and scientifically proven as the “cradle of human civilization,” the Continent is a reservoir of knowledge, art, and wisdom. Africa continues to inspire contemporary artists globally. Every piece of artwork included in AfriKin Art Fair draws from these realities and echoes the history, struggles, and triumphs of African civilizations across ethnic lines. In showcasing an array of international artists, designers, performers, and scholars, AfriKin Art Fair focuses on the enduring influence of ancient Africa while highlighting the influence of AI in the sphere of art.

The Fair redefines conventional notions of beauty while elevating appreciation of Global Africa’s brilliance and influence. An intriguing blend of Afrofuturism and traditional African aesthetics presents a challenge to conventional perceptions of African history and culture. An alternate reality emerges that fuses the realms of AI and African fine art for an exploration of the intricate bond between the two worlds.

Objective: AfriKin Art Fair seeks to catalyze conversations among those committed to finding solutions for underserved communities. AfriKin beckons those who are eager to acquire knowledge on how to extend their help and support to these communities. This exhibition is a testament to the interdependencies of our world and underscores the essential functions that art and technology perform within it. AfriKin Art Fair serves as a bridge connecting Global Africa and emphasizing that our commonalities far outweigh our differences.

Role of African Art: African fine art occupies a vital position in serving as a communicator of the Continent’s diverse cultures, histories, and narratives. Its rich tapestry of styles and techniques educates and inspires, offering profound insights into the development of various African societies throughout the ages. A harmonious blend of content and form, African art encapsulates a vast spectrum of human experiences, beliefs, and emotions, making it an indispensable part of Earth’s cultural heritage.

Role of AI: AI has the potential to provide access to unprecedented opportunities for growth and development in underserved communities. With strategic planning, AI has the capacity to significantly increase access for all within the art and cultural realms. AfriKin Art Fair initiates an exploration that encourages strategic partnerships and sustainable collaborations within the cultural industry for discovery through art, history, and the next frontier of AI.

We are invited to embark on a journey to visit diverse African civilizations that reflect an enduring essence of influence on global art, culture, philosophy, and spirituality. Inspired by the 1983 touchstone publication, “Flash of the Spirit: African and Afro-American Art & Philosophy,” our exhibition delves into how various African civilizations have shaped the artistic, social, and metaphysical traditions of the Black cosmos. AfriKin Art Fair is a testament of Love and to the enduring spirit of a Global Africa—a tribute to the unity envisioned by ancestors who left an indelible mark on history. Join us as we celebrate and contemplate the multifaceted beauty of Global Africa—an amalgamation of artistic expressions, dialogues, and reflections—meticulously designed to captivate, educate, and inspire.

This exhibition serves as a celebration of Africa’s unadulterated brilliance and resilience to be experienced as an enduring beacon of hope and strength in the contemporary art world. Visitors are invited to confront the intersection of art, history, and morality, encouraging discourse and thought on the powerful narratives woven into each piece of artwork. AfriKin Art Fair is a movement and platform for thought-provoking interchange on reparations and sustainability. Our Fair champions conversations on equality, equity, justice, and a shared as well as viable future for all. We wholeheartedly embrace the vision of a united and self-reliant Africa.

AfriKin Art Fair is a celebration of the unbroken spirit and rich diversity of Africa. It is a journey of exploration and rediscovery of Africa’s monumental contributions to humanity—a beacon of unity and strength, reflecting the indomitable resilience and brilliance of Global Africa. AfriKin Art Fair is a revelatory experience where art connects with our whole being—a testament to fortitude and a demonstration of the remarkable potential that lies at the crossroads of art, technology, and societal transformation. AfriKin Art Fair is also a safe space filled with love and hope—AfriKin inspires action and fosters a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of the blend of AI and African contemporary art. Join us. Discover. Reflect. Celebrate!

Welcome to a journey of a lifetime.

More info: AfriKin.art

Featuring Works By:

Angèle Etoundi Essamba – Cameroon/Netherlands | Annick Duvivier – Haiti | Bayunga Kalieuka – D.R. Congo | Benjamin Quarcoopome – Ghana | Christian Allison – Nigeria | Chukes – United States | Delphine Diallo – France/Senegal | Doba Afolabi – Nigeria | Franklyn Sinanan – Trinidad | Joanne Hampstead – Guyana | Kandice Knecole – United States | Kheraba Traoré – Senegal | Luna Korme – Somalia | Modou Gueye – Senegal | Musah Swallah – Ghana | Nike Okundaye – Nigeria | Niki Lopez – United States | Norman Reneau – Belize | Nzingah Oyo – United States | Obinna Makata – Nigeria | Peter Sullivan – United States | Rom Isichei – Nigeria | Philippe Dodard – Haiti | Sam Ebohon – Nigeria | Sanda Amadou – Benin | Serge Diakota Mabilama – D.R. Congo | Shaunda Holloway – United States | Shayee Awoyomi – Nigeria | Sidney Blu – Nigeria | Stephen Osuchukwu – Nigeria | Tasanee Durrett – United States | Tola Wewe – Nigeria | Uzoma Samuel Anyanwu – Nigeria | Yrneh Gabon – Jamaica | Yusuf Durudola – Nigeria


Alfonso Brooks,

Curator AfriKin Art Fair